Warren Haskins

President, Director of Service

The true direction and foundation of SIS, Warren has lead our company with an unwavering vision of ethics and quality since its inception in 1997.But, before Mr. Haskins founded SIS and became the leader that he is today; he found success in a multitude of life experiences. Back in 1982 young warren worked his way to graduation at the United Electronics.  From there, his ambition led him to continue his education at the University of Oklahoma, School of Business. Fast forward several years, and you would find that Mr. Haskins served as Vice-President of Service for a major company in the commercial printer market. It was here during a 15 year stint that Warren developed as both a leader and an expert in the industry. 

Now, over 30 years after his induction to the industry, Warren continues to lead his company into the future. Each and every day, he finds ways to strengthen the business at its core and effectively manage day to day operations for the upmost efficiency. Mr. Haskins is now a proud father of 4, grandfather of 2 and devoted husband of 31 years. In the downtime not spent with family and friends, you’re sure to find him boating, camping, or serving up a competitive game of racquetball.

Oscar Torres

Vice-President, Director of Marketing

In many ways, Oscar’s influence can easily be seen in the great relationships that SIS has fostered with its clients. Early on in the business Oscar was virtually the driving force behind their hard-earned growth. Today, Oscar continues to lead SIS in its efforts to become a household name with the type of dedication and exuberance that all can admire.  Genuineness, expertise, and commitment have truly been the attributes that he has adopted in all aspects of business.  And, it goes without saying that each of these attributes have been earned throughout his interesting life with the same resolve.

In 1974 Mr. Torres enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served for four years.  During his service, Oscar showed such exemplary efforts, that in just 3 years he was promoted to Sergeant. Immediately following his honorable discharge in 1978, he began a promising career as a field-technician for a large-name copier company.  Within several years, Oscar was again promoted and reassigned to their sales division. It was here, that the young rep found his real niche of strengths.  In the years to follow, he would go on to win countless awards for being the top sales professional in his organization.

Mr. Torres is now a father to 3 children and grandfather to 3 more. As his professional decisions continue him and his company towards a promising future, he looks forward to a relaxing retirement with his wife, Linda and bull mastiff, Rex.

Kris Haskins

Director of Information Technology, Solutions Specialist

When it comes to information technology, Kris is our “Go-To” Guy.  An excellent example of what an employee should be, Kris is dedicated, driven, hard-working and especially savvy with technology. His workday generally starts Before SIS’ doors open in the morning and last long after the doors are shut in the evening.

In 2009 Kris joined SIS and during his first year, was able to receive his degree in Business Administration.  Since then he has received certification in Net +, PDA +, and achieved Gold Technician Status for Sharp.