Workflow Solutions

In addition to our Managed Services, we can implement a wide variety of software solutions to help your business improve workflow, reduce overhead, and efficiently control your document management. Our preferred tech partners are Cloud Portal Office, Drivve, FaxCore and fmaudit, each with their own specific expertise in the following areas:

Cost Accounting Archive & Retrieval Fax Management
Workflow Efficiency Printer Fleet Management Cloud File Sharing


Our Tech Partners

Sharp's Cloud Portal Office 

Smart Image Systems - Sharp Cloud Portal

Cloud Portal Office is a comprehensive document storage and sharing service that provides a convenient way for you to seamlessly connect to your business content and easily share and collaborate with team members, whether remotely or during in-person conferences. You can also capture, index and archive both paper and electronic documents in a single repository. Most importantly, IT administrators can manage and control user access in order to safeguard company data.

Featured Capabilities: Mobile Access,  AQUOS BOARD™ Interactive Display System integration, Paper Document Capture and Storage, Enhanced Folder Sharing Permissions

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Compare Sharp's Cloud Portal Office with Dropbox, Microsoft® Office 365, and Google Drive™


Smart Image Systems - Drivve

Drivve | Image

A powerful set of feature-rich, customizable tools for easy capturing and smart processing of documents and the information they contain. 

Featured Capabilities: Modular Capabilities for Custom Solutions, Bates Stamping, Central Administration

Drivve | DM

An award-winning, browser-based document management system delivering comprehensive functionality and certified security through an intuitive user interface.

Featured Capabilities: In-House Installation or Software as a Service Options, Mobile Device Capable Deep Integration with Existing Assets

Drivve | Print

A scalable suite of modules to help take control of your paper output while still allowing your team to print wherever and whenever they need it

Featured Capabilities: Extensive Rule Creation Abilities, Mobile Device Capable, Complete Document Format and Network Compatability

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Smart Image Systems - FaxCore

FaxCore is a true 21st Century fax server application with a mix of standard features unparalleled in the industry. Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 the FaxCore high-performance engine is designed to deliver fax traffic over enterprise networks of any size. FaxCore lets you fax enable the entire organization locally or globally.

Featured Capabilities: Total Fax Tracking, Automatic Archiving, Integration with Microsoft Applications, Microsoft CRM integration, Fax-enable Applications, SMTP Gateway, New Rendering Engine

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Smart Image System - fmaudit

Most data collection options only offer one-way communication. This can lead to endless hours spent manually reconciling exceptions when a client changes a printer IP address. Your data collection system should act as a partner to your ERP and service dispatch systems. FMAudit offers the technological innovation and industry experience to help you make the most of your managed services offerings. Developed on the .NET Framework, FMAudit also accommodates partner and third-party integrations. 

Featured Capabilities: Central Server, Data Capture, TCO Reporting

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